Catering Service

Coming soon! Please call us or order online for our food and services.

Do something different for your next event

Sushi Burritos and our inspirational sides. What are they?

Sushi Burrito

Our sushi is delicately rolled up within a sheet of nori and rice, just like a burrito without the tortilla! Our signature "sushirittos" are the best option to cater your needs. Do something different for your next event, make an impression, and enjoy our delicious sushi burritos!

Bao's and other Sides

Whether it's our tastey steamed Bao buns, delectable Rowling Fries, or our ROC Popcorn Chicken, our dishes are perfect touch for parties and get-togethers.

Come in... Take out... or Let Us Cater Your Next Event


Whether you're in the mood for a Sushirrito or a hot bowl of Ramen Noodles, we're happy to serve you.